3rd Istanbul Design Biennial Presents Brooks' Work

This year the Istanbul Design Biennial explores the intimate relationship between the concept of "design" and "human nature." Curators Beatiz Colomina and Mark Wigley invited graphic designers, architects and filmmakers and from around the world to address the theme "Are We Human?".  The video installation by Brooks has the same title and will be on exhibition this October and November in Istanbul, Turkey.

This piece explores a series of video documentations that Jesse Russell Brooks collected of architect Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong’s public art performance titled: The Inglewood Urban stage: Construction as Performance.  For several weeks Wong constructed, dismantled and then re-constructed four iterations of a public stage with in the civic plaza in Inglewood City Hall.


"Are We Human?" captures Wong as she brought a massively underused public space to life. Every time the stage was transformed it not only offered the public a spectacular visual and physical feat, this transformation also called citizens and public officials to host panels, performances & speakers.


Over two hundred hours of footage was organized and then crafted together to create the piece. The time lapse video runs for two minutes and will be presented on loop at the 3rd Annual Istanbul Design Biennial in Turkey from October 22, 2016 through November 20, 2016.

Production Credits

Director and Editor: Jesse Russell Brooks
Concept and Artistic Direction: Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong
Technical Director: Joshua Stricklin
Videography and Additional Audio: Thomas Bunn
Production Manager: Daniel Guzman
Music: Studies in Trance by Hazy Montagne Mystique & YlangYlang
Construction Performers: Devan Harlan Simunovich & Ekkrit Suwanwong

This project was made possible by a grant through The Inglewood Growing Artist Project.