The 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial / by Jesse Russell Brooks

Istanbul, Turkey - Artist / architect Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong commissioned filmmaker Jesse Russell Brooks to document her sculpture and public performance designed for The City of Inglewood, California.  The film of Wong's performance is titled "Inglewood Urban Stage: Construction as Performance" . The 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial is the most recent venue to feature their collaborative experimental documentary.

The 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial will explore the relationship between design and human beings. It won't just be a chance to see designers' creativity in action. It is also a place for designers to meet with other artists and thinkers to re-evaluate and revive their craft.

The organizers of this years Istanbul Design Biennial wanted to re-design the very idea of design. More than 70 artists we invited to participate and hundreds of imaginative pieces are on exhibit at the event. The biennial will be the world's largest temporary design laboratory. It’s four weeks of panels and presentations will bring together large teams of expert filmmakers, architects, critics and philosophers.

The theme of The 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial is ARE WE HUMAN: The Design of the Species. American architects Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley created the event and believe strongly that we are living with outmoded forms of design and it's time to come up with new ones. They are looking to challenge and accomplish this in four specific areas. These areas are how design relates to the body, the planet, to life and time.

The 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial is opened to the public and is located through out five venues in Istanbul, Turkey.  You will can find Brooks' film 'Inglewood Urbanstage' within the halls of Istanbul's ALT ART SPACE. Address provided below.

Birahane Sokak No: 1
Bomonti, İstanbul
34381 Turkey

Opening hours: 13:00 - 21:00
Tue - Sun