YLANGYLANG - IN DA ZONE / by Jesse Russell Brooks

Montreal, Canada -  YlangYlang, aka Catherine Debard has collaborated with Jesse Russell Brooks to completed a music video for a track titled In Da Zone off the split tape series "Studies In Trance".  An album in which both her work as well as Hazy Montagne Mystique appear.  Both artists are musicians and seasoned arrangers of Trance.  Trance as in "Transcendental", not as in the late 90's house music craze associated with the island of Ibiza. The album was the eleventh volume released on April 15, 2015 on Arachnidiscs Recordings.  Arachnidiscs is a Canadian boutique label that has been successfully releasing drone, chant, outsider & "Music for and by Weirdo's" since 1999.  The creation of this late music video release was done in part by label owner Jakob Rehlinger. Brooks submitted his portfolio to Rehlinger with an interest in developing visuals for another artist.  In Da Zone was emailed over to Brooks as a more specific suggestion.  Rehlinger's intuition was more than accurate.

"I am interested in shooting projects based on how I feel rather than what I know and I think Jakob sensed that from the start. YlangYlang's work is based on that principle."                                                                                                                                                                         -Jesse Russell Brooks

In Da Zone is likely not the last video collaboration from the two artists. Jesse Russell Brooks continues to develop both music video work and live broadcast videos for Arachnidiscs. YlangYlang has since released several new projects garnering reviews from Exclaim!Decoder Magazine.  

Watch the music video here: YlangYlang: In Da Zone

Studies In Trance: Vol. 11 is available on Arachnidiscs Recordings - Hazy Montagne Mystique: analog synths, destruction of moog, temple volant (54M1) recorded at l’app of love / jeunesse cosmique.
YlangYlang: Enregistré sur 4-track, hiver 2015