Museums and the Web 2016 / by Jesse Russell Brooks

Los Angeles, California  -  Museums and the Web's 2016 convention will present two shows as part of the conference's exhibition initiative. The first exhibit is located at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles in the Tiffany Room and South Foyer.  Featured artists include Andy Lomas, Todd Ingalls, Daniel Leighton, L.A. Art Collective, Tiffany Tranda, Eder Cetina, Victor Soloman, Mary Neubauer,
Adrian Sierra Garcia and Carlos Ulloa.  The work of these artists primarily focus on data driven art that is influenced directly by our forever-shifting environment.

The show is curated by Rex Brucethe director of Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and will run from April 7, 2016 through April 9, 2016. You can register for this event here.

A second exhibit hosted by Museums and the Web 2016 is running almost concurrently at The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Scheduling for this event is April 6, 2016 through April 9, 2016. The show is free and open to the public from 12 - 5pm each day.  Curated by Arpad Kovacs of the Getty
and Peter Frank from the Huffington Post, the gallery's headlining show features the work of artist Gary Justis.

LACDA is also presenting TEN ARTISTS TO WATCH 2016, An international group exhibit titled RAW: An exploration of the unframed and the work of video artists Carlos Luna, Jesse Russell Brooks,
Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong, Gregory King and Jennifer Sharpe. These video installations range from sculptural, conceptual and archival.

Museums and the Web is a collaborative space for professionals creating culture, science and heritage on-line, hosted by the Museums and the Web team. Each year MWX hosts a conference that brings together the professionals and explores topics of relevance to museum practitioners working with, affected by, digital media and technology.

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art propagates all forms of digital art as well as the vast panorama of hybrid forms of art and technology that constitute our moment in culture. The center supports local, international, emerging and established artists through exposure in the gallery. There are ongoing scheduled exhibits, events and competitions. The center also produces editions of wide format archival prints and collaborate in the production of digital artworks in it's studios.  The gallery is constantly interacting within the art community and engages often with events and conferences outside of the gallery schedule.

For more information on the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art please call: 323.646.9427