Alternate Divinations | 4 Short Films / by Jesse Russell Brooks

Still image from   Calapesca's Reach (2016)   by Jesse Russell Brooks

Still image from Calapesca's Reach (2016) by Jesse Russell Brooks

Los Angeles, California - Curator and media artist Michael Woods has programmed four films by Jesse Russell Brooks in his vivid and deeply introspective exhibition at The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. The exhibit is titled "How Analog Impedes, How Digital Infects" and is presented along side solo exhibit "Hail to the Chief" by digital artist Frank Synowicz and a performance/ media installation designed by Woods titled "The Numb Spiral: First Parasitic Event (Building a Wall)". 


How Analog Impedes, How Digital Infects examines how reality may become distorted by mass media and to what degree this distortion affects moral perspective and spiritual development. Woods' installation The Numb Spiral asserts that this distortion often becomes genre and at the very worst develops into lifestyle. Works from digital artists J.E. Sharpe, Victor Acevedo, and Gisela Guzman comment on our culture of mass broadcasting's developing caste system for not only information, but for both analog and digital mediums. Frank Synowicz solo exhibit "Hail to the Chief" presents the portraits of all the Presidents of The USA.  Synowicz "portraits" reveal the influence idealism has on historical viewpoints and contrasts this to society's ability to process opinion.

The films made by Brooks that are on exhibit are Seeing Within (2010), Make Me A Doorway (2012), Colapesce’s Reach (2016), and Driven by Light (2017). The compilation of these four films have been named Alternate Divinations.

Alternate Divinations is a film series that focuses on 4 separated modes of obtaining visual information. Cinema, television, crystal gazing, and the night sky.
— Curator, Michael Woods
Still image from the film   Driven by Li    ght (2017)  by Jesse Russell Brooks. 

Still image from the film Driven by Light (2017) by Jesse Russell Brooks. 

Brooks' films engage media theorist Marshall McLuhan’s assertion that “content of any medium is always another medium”.  Brooks’ hybrid of 8 and 16mm film with Hi8 digital, Mini DV, and a broad range of declining forms of video cassette formats are tightly woven against music and poetry that explore nostalgia, perception, and memory.

The use of symbol within Colapesce’s Reach highlights McLuhan’s radical insight on visual literacy while the closing film Driven by Light spurs the exhibits' theme by suggesting that celestial objects are the catalysts for our civilization's first motion pictures.

From left to right :  Gardenias Garden   by Gisela Guzmán,   Alternate Divinations   by Jesse Russell Brooks , and    Septum Ring Secret   by Michelle Chu .   On display   at the LACDA.  (Photo Credit: Gisela Guzmán)

From left to right: Gardenias Garden by Gisela Guzmán, Alternate Divinations by Jesse Russell Brooks, and Septum Ring Secret by Michelle ChuOn display at the LACDA. (Photo Credit: Gisela Guzmán)

Alternate Divinations will be on display at The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art from January 11, 2018 through February 8, 2017.

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art
104 East 4th Street, Los Angeles, California 90013
Curated by Michael Woods

Preview: Thursday, January 11, 7 - 9pm

Opening night reception on Saturday January 13, 2018 6pm - 9pm.
Food and beverages served. Attendance is free.