On display at LACDA through May, 2016.

Two color video monitors / Digital video (12 minute loop), live feed of architectural model (steel, wood, magnetic components).

Foris, Foras, Forum explores seeing through a series of spatial documentation derived from and referencing a recent public art / urban intervention: the 'Inglewood Urbanstage: Construction as Performance'. The installation elements juxtapose documentation of the real, human-scale Urbanstage in situ with a 1’ : 3/4” scaled architectural model of the Urbanstage and the surrounding site.

The remodeled site, in miniature, invites the public to explore and question public space schemes. A live feed of the interactive architectural model is broadcasted in a proportionally scaled output.

Exhibited at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA)
Collaboration with Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong