Let's Burn One!

As the post production phase makes way for the premiere, Let's Burn One is a wildly sophisticated and comedic web series written and directed by Alex Genther. With a cast of 12 actors and an onslaught of 13 hilarious episodes Let's Burn One is scheduled for internet consumption this March 2018!  Brooks is the lead editor on the series.


Alex Genther 

Writer, creator and director of Let's Burn One, Alex also dives into the featured role of Max. A guy who is cable tv crazy and galvanizes his man pack to romance any woman who dares to sit on their sofa.


Ariel Nicastro

Garnering over 20 film and theater credits with LBO as her 3rd web series, Ariel delivers a dynamic performance as Roxanne by navigating both worlds of situation comedy and real world issues.

Saba Eskandari

As Almara, Saba's character prepares us for a ridiculous turn as Max relies on his television set to win her over. 

Josh Martin

Goofball is turned up to 11 as Josh Martin literally invents new hand gestures as Cam. You have to see the show to believe it.


Roman Presnell

Writer and wise guy Roman is a comedy wrangler & whips us back to reality with his portrayal of the ever so practical Randy.

Production Credits

Producer and Director: Alex Genther
Director of Photography: Rudy Ruiz
Production Sound: Andy Hernandez
Editor: Jesse Russell Brooks
Make Up Artist: Krystal Chavarin

Full Cast: Roman Presnell, Alex Genthers, Josh Martin, Ariel Nicastro, Spiros Phisos, Kevin Douglas, Saba Eskandari, Megan Louise, Will Walker, David Harris, Aleks Ristic & Juan Vaquero.